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Overview of Abiaziem Community


Abiaziem is a peaceful community in Oguta Local Government Area, Imo State, Nigeria.
The neighbouring towns to the east of Abiaiziem are Awa and Akabor, and Mgbele and Nkwesi to the west. Abiaziem also has boundaries with Awo Omama in the North. Abiaziem has common boundary to the east and west with Awa and Mgbele, respectively. Abiaziem is located approximately 25 km northwest of the Imo state capital Owerri and can be found on Latitude: 5° 40' 5.36"N; Longtitude: 6° 52' 15.71"E. Abiaziem community has remained one of the most peaceful communities in Imo State.

The map of Abiaziem is shown below (click on map to expand):


The history of this community dates over 200 years ago and the community can trace its ancestral homeland to Atani village in Arochukwu, Abia State. Aro people settled at many places in Igboland including Abiaziem. The Aro people were known warriros in igboland and their migration were usually driven by trade and acting as protectors of their host communities. The Aro clans within the Atani village that settled in Abiaziem includes Ndi Igwe, Ndi Akali and Ndi Eziukwu. It is important to reflect on the fact that it is not every Aro settlement in the Oguta area that has a host group. Abiaziem town is dominated by the Aro and they have no host community. This reflects in their name Abiaziem which literally means "I have now come to stay" signifying an entirely new land and area dominated only by the Aro people. All the towns in Izombe group with the exception of Abiaziem, claim always to have occupied the land where they now live. More than half of Mgbele is also comprised of Aros, and there are Aro families settled in Awa and Izombe.
The Arochukwu kingdoms (home of the Aro both home and Diaspora) is comprised of 19 villages namely Utuhugwu, Ugwuakuma, Amangwu, Agbagwu, Asaga, Amasu, Ugbo, Ujari, Isimpu, Amaofia, Atani, Amukwa, Ugwuafo, Amankwu, Amaoba, Ibom, Obinkita, Amangwu and Oror. The original settlers of Abiaziem came from the Atani village. According to recent research publications, the Aro founding father in Oguta came in batches. The first batch of settlers was Okoronkwo Ohu a well known trader from Atani village of Arochukwu. He arrived with his three Sons namely Awa, Owanibe and Aromenyeforonye. The descendants of Awa make up Aro Izombe while Owanibe forms part of Izombe and Egbu as well as Aromenyforonye forming part of Egbu and Izombe. A later batch led by Igwe founded Abiaziem while another batch from Ibom village from Ndi Udegbu lineage forms Ndionyemobi. A later batch of Aro immigrants settled in Ohakpu where they are known as Ndi Okwara and their father was known as Okparaeke in Atani village of Arochukwu.
Abiaziem is a decent christian community with a population of over 5,000 inhabitants who are predominantly Anglicans.There are good number of Pentecostal Christians as with insignificant number of traditional African religionist.
Oguta Lake is located approximately 8 km west of Abiaziem. Oguta was one of the first territories used by the British to advance into the Igbo hinterland. Oguta is divided into two townships separated by its popular Oguta Lake: Oguta 1 and Oguta 2. Today, Oguta is better known for its resort hotel, challenging Scottish-designed golf course and home of commercial fishing. It has huge oil and gas deposit.
Directly south of Abiaziem is the Izombe Community. Izombe is a very rich oil and gas settlement with several matured and new oilfields being developed by Shell, Chevron and ADDAX. These 3 oil companies have been producing from several oil fields in this community since 1970. The processing of the produced crude oil is done locally at Izombe Flow Station before shipment to the international export terminal via several network of pipelines.
The prolific Chevron's JISIKE Oilfield that has produced hundreds of million of barrels of oil in the past 30 years is located in Izombe and is less than 10 km south of Abiaziem. Recently, several pool of oil reserves have been discovered in neighbouring Awa and Awo communities thereby making nearby Abiaziem community to be highly prospective for oil and gas exploration. Based on historical drilling and production data published by Shell, Chevron and ADDAX, oil bearing formations in this region generally occurs between 900 m to 2500 m (i.e., approximately 2700 ft to 8000 ft). ADDAX drilled a deep exploratory oil well in Abiaziem and the volume of the discovered petroleum resources is still being investigated and remains confidential.
Abiaziem has good infrastructures in place to support any kind of business. There is a good road network linking Abiaziem to the Lagos - Owerri Highway. There is also good power transmission network. The recently proposed gas-turbine fired Power Plant Project in Izombe will likely reduce the problem of power failures in the community.
Rice, fish, garri, yam and cassava are just some of the staples in an average Abiaziem person's diet. Abiaziem is blessed with close proximity (less than 1 km north of the community center) to a clean flowing river which serves the entire community and contributes to the quality of life of the inhabitants. The river is connected to the Njaba River and Oguta Lake.
Abiaziem also has huge mineable gravel resource that is currently being mined by the local residents using non-mechanized open pit mining method. With adequate financial resources, this huge gravel resources can be commercially exploited on a larger scale to serve the construction markets in Nigeria.
In addition to applicable state and local government laws, specific local rules and regulations governing the inhabitants are created by the Abiaziem Towns Union (ATU), a legislative assembly whose key officers are elected via election. Abiaziem and Awa are governed by one Eze (or King) under one Autonomous Community.

3D Seismic Map of OML 124

The 3D seismic map below highly demonstrates the prospectivity of the northern boundaries of Abiaziem to hosting large quantities of oil. The oil prospects seems to be tracking the river up to Oguta Lake and Abiaziem has a considerable section of its land adjoining the river.

Addax Strikes Oil at Njaba 2 Well Onshore Nigeria

Addax Petroleum Corp. Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Addax has announced a significant onshore oil discovery from the Njaba 2 well (formally Okaka) currently drilling in the eastern part of the OML124 license area in Nigeria. Addax Petroleum has a 100% working interest under a Production Sharing Contract covering the OML124 license area, whereby the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation is the concessionaire. Addax Petroleum currently produces approximately six thousand barrels per day from the Ossu and Izombe fields in OML124, which is located within the stable and peaceful Imo State.

Commenting, Jean Claude Gandur, President and Chief Executive Officer of Addax Petroleum said, "I am extremely proud to report an excellent start to 2009 with this successful exploration result in Nigeria as it is a leading discovery that has the potential to be one of our largest fields in Nigeria. The Njaba discovery is the first exploration well to be drilled in OML124 since the mid-80’s and these results will increase the production potential of the license area considerably, as well as significantly upgrade the remaining undrilled prospects. This onshore discovery is a further example of Addax Petroleum's commitment to development in Nigeria. In addition, this recent success represents yet another highlight for our highly prolific Nigerian operations as it will strengthen our record of growth in Nigeria and it underpins our robust and consistent operational performance."
The Njaba discovery was consistent with pre-drill estimates having encountered four oil bearing reservoirs totaling 289 feet of gross oil column, including the two main individual gross columns of 149 feet and 115 feet of between 20-degree and 28-degree API at depths from 990 to 1,050 meters. Production from the Njaba discovery can be readily tied in as the Corporation has existing production facilities and infrastructure in the OML124 license area. Addax Petroleum continues to drill into secondary, lower sections relative to the newly discovered oil bearing intervals and plans to carry out a test of the main reservoirs. The Corporation also plans to drill an additional appraisal well down-dip of the discovery which may further enhance the recoverable reserves from Njaba.
Addax Petroleum discovers oil at Awo Omamma

Owerri—Oil has been discovered in substantially commercial quantity in Awo Omamma, Oru East local government area of Imo State, leaving an impression of a brighter economic fortune for the state and its people. The Managing Director (MD) of Addax Petroleum Development (Nigeria) Limited (APDNL), Mr. Vance Querio, stated this when he paid a courtesy call on Governor Ikedi Ohakim at the Government House, Owerri.“The new discovery is fairly as big as the Izombe oil field. We can look forward to at least another 25 years of very successful operation in this new location”, Mr. Querio said.Noting that we are in “troubled times in the oil industry”, Querio however, expressed happiness that the new oil field promises to enhance the fortunes of the state, especially their host community.According to him, the large quantity of crude petroleum has remained untapped in the oil producing communities as a result of militancy and the associated crimes in the region.
It would be interesting to know that Abiaziem Community is located approximately 10 km south of Awo Omamma.
Sinopec Group Completed the Acquisition of Addax
China Petrochemical Corporation ("Sinopec Group") is pleased to announce that the acquisition of Addax Petroleum Corporation ("Addax") was successfully completed after nearly six months of due diligence and negotiation.Sinopec Group signed the acquisition agreement at an offer price of CAD 52.8 per share on the 24th of June 2009. It was approved by the Chinese regulatory authorities on the 6th of August. All pre-requisite conditions have been satisfied, hence Sinopec Group announced the successful closing of this transaction today.Addax Petroleum Corporation is an independent oil producer, established in 1994 and headquartered in Switzerland. It was listed on both Toronto and London stock exchanges with common share totaling 157.6 million and now has more than 860 employees. The company recorded USD 3.762 billion in revenue for the year 2008, with a net profit of USD 784 million and an operating cash flow of USD 1.521 billion.Addax Petroleum's assets are primarily located in Nigeria, Gabon and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and have a good combination of both oil and gas reserves. It has a total of 25 licensed blocks, of which 15 are under exploration and 10 are under development. Of the total blocks, 17 are offshore and 8 onshore. Addax has 537 million barrels of 2P (Proved + Probable) equity crude reserves, and 738 million barrels of 3P (Proved + Probable + Possible) equity crude reserves. In addition, Addax has 111 promising traps which await drilling.At the time of Addax's Q2 earnings the company produced an average of 143,000 barrels of crude per day (approximately 7 million tons per year), of which 72.2% comes from Nigeria, 19.5% from Gabon and 8.3% from Kurdistan. Based on an initial development plan, its near-term production volume is expected to reach 10 million tons/year.The closing of this deal represents the largest successful acquisition of overseas oil and gas assets by a Chinese company. According to industry experts, "Addax's assets are well-structured and of good quality, contain sizeable proven reserves and have strong production volumes with great growth potential." Through the acquisition of Addax, Sinopec would be able to improve its resources base; further optimize its overseas oil and gas assets structure; expedite its overseas oil and gas exploration and development, and enhance China's safe and stable crude supply.
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